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Post Christianity: Where do we go from here?

Updated: May 20, 2020

When one door closes, another one opens. It seems as if, the United States is closing it's door on Christianity. If so what comes next, should be interesting.

Christianity as a religion may or may not be declining as a whole, but there certainly are reasons to see why there is a need for other spiritual options. Are our hearts ready for the new spiritual possibilities of an open door following post Christianity?

It is my understanding that if Christianity alone had proved to be the ultimate receptacle of God's promises to us, there would be no post-Christianity.

There are glaring reasons to see why some Christians are looking to other options to fulfill their spiritual need. Christianity's religious fervor has lead assaults against the innocent, past and present. Many of it's ideologies that dominated as cultural norms, inflicted societal subjugation and corrupted godly devotion with blood-guilt. Should we really be that upset it's passing away?

Christian Primacy Has Fallen

Post Christianity, an era without Christian ideology as being the primary is a frightening thought for many. They'll have you believe this era is powerless, filled with turmoil and trauma; stress and strife; sickness and death; ignorance and corruption; a steady stream of victims falling prey to violence, poverty and hunger. Those whom are drawing such a picture, prophesying the bleakness of a life after Christian primacy, are the very archetypes whose “world” and its' desires should be passing away.

Consider this, that it was at the doggedness of Christian elucidations and religious fervor that pressed forward into wars and conflicts that ended the lives of millions. Religious fervor and Christianity committed the atrocities of the Crusades, the inquisitions, many genocides, the Holocaust, as well as, the modern-day assaults against the LGBTQ+ communities and anti-abortion violence as the list continues. All the time stacking its’ coffers as their reigning clergy took advantage of our vulnerabilities and prayed on us while they turned a blind eye. Who wants to return to that regime? Their “world” and its’ desires should be passing away.

Don't get it wrong, I am not taking a standing against Christians or their beliefs; nor do I stand against any religion or creed. The freedom to choose what to believe is set out as our right. It is my understanding that if Christianity alone had proved to be the ultimate vehicle for the promises of God, we would not be living in post-Christianity. God's Holy Spirit would have not allow it; for His Will stands and He always accomplishes His purpose. Those of us who are Spirit filled know that God's not so small; His hands are not too short; and God has never been late. God works out His righteousness and knows full well, His plans for this world. He has always had good plans for his children. He is not re-branding the false ideals of the pre-Christian world. Nor is He building a dystopian Aftermath; and He defiantly, does not want to rebuild some regurgitated form of Christianity. God is building a #newheaven and a #newearth. He says, “Exult in what I am creating,”

We should be standing aloft and cheering as we watch the old ways go down in flames, not saying, “too bad, too bad.” God made it clear we were to listen to Jesus, his beloved. Jesus made it clear he placed us in the hands of the Spirit, who leads us into all the truth. Yes, we live in a world of #postChristianity. The truth is, we live in a #HeightenWorld and we are #powerfullinSpirit.

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