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Read, the message from God!

Updated: May 20, 2020

No joke. This is what the Spirit has said.

Understanding the Holy Spirit is So important. God wants his children to understand what they are so they may take their position in life alive. Everyone whom understands this message from God will demonstrate a mature measure of windarness, that is, being in the state ‘of spirit'.

For the Spirit speaks, “Do not panic or be in fear. Hold heads up, don’t let your knees buckle down. Your deliverance is here. So go, enter into your interior rooms and shut the doors behind you. Hide yourselves for a brief moment, until the denunciation passes by. Your Covenant with death is broken.”

Hello friends and family, for some many years the Spirit of God has spoken by means of me. Today, He has chosen this time to assure you. This message from God is to be shared with you. It is message of hope and a message of life, and this is its meaning:

Our covenant with death is broken ...

Right now, at this unprecedented time, during this great #pandemic, all is not as it seems. God has chosen this period of worldwide pestilence, to assure you that this day - is the one we have all been waiting for, our day of deliverance. Jesus said, “when you see these things happening, know that that Kingdom of God is here.” Stop being in fear of dying. There is no fear in love.

Morbid fear of this type is faith corrupting; and too much of your brain power is being spent on the grim outlook of sickness and death. This kind of thinking, seeds distress and dis-ease, which can leave your immune system vulnerable to disease. Thoughts and sayings like, "If I get Corona Virus, I’m going to die", "It's crazy out there. We're all going to die." Worry such as this, is a kind of negative prayer and must stop. Stop making a covenant with death. Our Heavenly Father says, “Our covenant with death is broken.” What that means exactly is we don’t ever have to consider death as our outcome. We can continue living through anything. Our good outcome is assured.

Please understand, I'm not advising you to suck doorknobs and lick every hand railing. Just be smart. Stay at home and be safe until this has passed. Pray positive prayers out of your mouths, like "No matter what, I am going to make it through this." "I am a person alive and I am going to stay that way." "We will not only survive, we will thrive." Romans 10 says “if you publicly declare the words in your own mouth … and imagine the good outcome with gladness of heart, you will be saved.”

For God has said, "Everyone exercising faith in the tested stone of Jesus will not panic. For you are righteous because I called you righteous and you can keep living and never die. And anyone that has died will not stay in the grave. Your covenant with death is dissolved. #liveforever #everlastinglife #life

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