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3 Steps to Win Any Spiritual War.

A Peaceful protest is an oxymoron during a spiritual war. Pleasant chants and quiet meditative moments will not bring you into a victory like a spiritual warfare prayer can. Nor will brute strength, firepower, and dry combat boots help you in a battle with demonic spirits.

An active disagreement, no matter how non-violent, is never peaceful. We are at war! Think about an ongoing controversy where we must take a stand. At best, we are an opposing force, voicing demands, raising objections and more. Spiritual warfare is no different.

What has been unleashed upon us may be described as the opened gates of hell, embattling our mind...

We face spiritual battles in the world through direct attacks, misleading expressions, and obstacles, large and small. This can wreak havoc on our emotional well being; leave us feeling depressed, stressed, fearful, and alone. Our Heavenly Father does not want us to succumb or flee from these attacks. He wants us to overcome them.

The Winning Strategy

Demonic influence and interference is a reality. What has been unleashed upon us may be described as the opened gates of hell, embattling our mind, upturning our dreams, separating us from our family, friends or holding us hostage, keeping us from our desired lifestyle. Even so, the victory is ours. We are not helpless. We have been given tools in which to use against these wicked spiritual forces, but in order for us to be effective in the battle, we must become skilled through use.

First we must be secure in our identity as children of God. Safe in the knowledge of our own God Power, Rights and Privileges as outlined within the covenant agreement. (Read more Legality of Godship ) As a child of God, us are righteous, because Our Heavenly Father says us are. Our Righteousness comes from Him through promises of Christ Jesus. We wear our righteousness like a breastplate protecting our hearts from emotional damage. Say it out loud, "I am the righteousness of God." Say it until you believe it, say it until you feel it. "I am the righteousness of God."

Second, we must recognize, it is not the persons in our lives or the caricatures of other people that we fight against. When in a spiritual battle, it does us no good to yell at Aunt Busybody or demonstrate passive aggression toward our co-worker, Mr. Motormouth or get snappy at our wife, Shenagsalot. To react badly to what we perceive as a personal attack against us, can only serve to escalate the issues. "A fool gives full vent to his spirit, but a wise one holds back" Psalms 29:11. In order to gain a win, it is vital that we understand that it is the wicked spirit forces, within their own principalities and powers, that are behind the evil events we are battling against. The people and events pitted contrary to us, are merely a smoke screen to disguise their real intentions to kill, steal and destroy our lives. Recognizing the real enemy is crucial to our offence.

Lastly, we are admonished to put on a complete suit of armor and carry on every type of prayer and supplication at every occasion for battle. What this means is that we set our mind forward to the after battle effect of the “good outcome”. See the end of the matter as a good outcome and beg the Heavenly Father for strength and power to achieve it and continuously thank God for His answer of "yes" even before it happens. See the “good outcome” so well in our mind, we can actually feel relief and rejoice. We should then shield ourselves by never removing the hope of its arrival.

Every time an attack comes, be ready with truth. Fight negative lies with truthful words of God. None can stand against because God is with us. We are more than a conqueror. Never let negative words hang in our mind. Use God's word as a truth sword. These are the spiritual warfare prayers to oppose the Devil, resulting in his flight from us. Speak out against bad thoughts and prevail. Speak out with mouth, indiscernible utterances through which our spirit may speak to benefit us. “In all these things we come off completely victorious for nothing can separate us from God’s love…” Romans 8:37-39.

As we take steps through life, walk as a victor, in complete harmony with God, assured of promises of Christ, for our righteousness, power and glory. Amen.

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