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Belief a Wonderful Thing...What if its' a lie?

Updated: May 17, 2020

Through the prose of poetry, we examine our system for believing; then, we explore the spiritual energy question, what if our beliefs are all based on a lie.

Our belief system is often the activator of the healing system. Belief actually affects the chemistry in the body so specifically that the US national library of medicine, The National Institute of Health, calls it the spiritual energy injection.

Belief is the essential human quality necessary to take full advantage of what has been made available to us, by the Grace of God and His Undeserved Kindness.

This spiritual energy injection makes a difference in health. Through belief, it uses power at a level so strong it becomes actuated change in the chemistry of our body. Clearly man possesses an essential human quality necessary to manipulate the positive factors for good health with belief. #HeightenWorld.

Belief. Who Are We Now, What Are We Then?

Belief is a wonderful thing. Belief allows us to form our thoughts and opinions. Belief is the basis for our ability, our achievement and belief is the reason we remain in failure. Belief is the scale that measures what we do. What happens if our beliefs were all based on a lie? What do we do then?

Belief is an applied expression of our #faith. Beliefs are our existential universe, God, Spirit and space. Belief can put us in darkness and bring us into light. Belief can trap us in fear or free us to love life. Belief shows us where we are in every circumstance. What happens if our beliefs were all based on a lie? Where are we then?

Beliefs forms our understanding of the world around us and who we are in it. #Beliefs allows us to be who we think we are. Our system of beliefs form our identity; it's our friend. Our entire existence is wrapped up in our system of beliefs. What happens if our beliefs were all based on a lie? Who are we then?

If Belief injects spiritual energy into quantum for health and wealth, displaying windar itself; was man really intended to exhibit such windarness to heighten the maturity of his being, at the level we're seeing? Is man, only now, becoming aware of the intense restorative power of his own internal spirit? Will he use it or will he fear it? What of its' immense implications, laying ground for transcendence into immortal men? What happens if our beliefs were all based on a lie? What are we then?

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