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I Am God  today.


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Discover how to hear God, move the spirit, live life alive, and see the miracles and wonders of God take action in your life.  Ignite the strength of your righteousness... 

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" I yearn for everyone to see themselves as they truly are, powerful

Sons of God. "

Romaine Valero challenges Christians

to grasp for understanding

Holy Spirit and to experience God in a new way and

See the Victory!

This is me

"I believe 

the Power of God 


miracles and wonders. 


I  am living proof that

a heighten life is 

the real life."

I speak to the human truth with power in spirit to the glory of God.   I listen at rest to the life power that is God and I praise him. 

"The life of a Spirit born child of God from new birth to transfiguration is spent in the presence of God and where God is, there is freedom," she breathes. 

Romaine is an American Author, Public Speaker, Advocate and friend.   She has a heart-warming smile and a kind, graciousness that moves the soul.  In her third book, I AM GOD, published March 2019, Romaine shares her vision for humanity that has inspired many to embrace its message as their quintessential guide into the blessed glory of living life free. 


The Heighten World on-line videos demonstrates Romaine’s talent to marry emotional storytelling together with her mission to see the power of God performing miracles and wonders in the lives of God's children.


"I believe grace, righteousness, wisdom and peace, are the gifts we have been given to use to affect the outcome of our lives. We are powerful!"

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